Corporate Governance Committee

Members of the Corporate Governance Committee serve as volunteers. The Corporate Governance Committee is elected by the Board to assist with identifying individuals qualified to become Directors and to recommend director nominees to the Board of Directors. In addition, the Corporate Governance Committee assists by leading the Board in its annual review of the Board’s performance and to oversee the annual review of the performance of the officers.

Jim Summers.jpg

James (Jim) P. Summers, Gamma Epsilon (Marshall University) 1970


Harold R. Oseff, Esq, Eta (University of Michigan) 1968


BBH Photo (Maine).png

  Douglas L. Maine, Alpha Beta (Temple University) 1970


Thomas G. Bognanno, Gamma Tau (Arizona State University) 1975


Sean T. Sullivan, Eta Lambda

(Emory University) 2004


A brotherhood of Kappa Nu, Phi Alpha, Phi Epsilon Pi, Phi Sigma Delta and Zeta Beta Tau

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