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Chapter Eternal

The Zeta Beta Tau Foundation is pleased to announce we have partnered with LifeWeb 360 to bring you a brand new digital community where our brothers can reconnect and commemorate those brothers of our Order who have passed away and entered the Chapter Eternal. LifeWeb 360 is an online platform where friends and family can share stories, photos and memories of their departed loved ones. LifeWeb 360 is designed to harness the outpouring of love that happens when someone passes to capture their essence in an authentic way, honor them, and give comfort to their family.

Within the brotherhood, we find stories of lives lived to the fullest and of unique men who left an indelible mark on the world. Discover the common threads that weave us together and—when you see someone you know—share your cherished memories, anecdotes, photos, and laughs to honor the strong connection we have with our departed brothers.

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