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Academic Scholarships

The Zeta Beta Tau Foundation has as its goal that no Zeta Beta Tau undergraduate shall have to discontinue his college education as a result of financial hardship. In the more than sixty years since its beginning, the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation scholarship program has grown from a single $250 scholarship to awards amounting to more than $1,800,000 to brothers of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity.


The minimum scholarship awarded last year was $1,000 and the maximum was $17,500.  Scholarships are awarded for both need and merit. In some cases, scholarships are restricted to a specific chapter, major, state, or region of the country. See available scholarships.


Scholarships are awarded only to initiated members of the Fraternity (with limited exceptions). Undergraduate applicants must also be in good standing and active brothers of their respective chapters.


The scholarship application process opens November 1 of each year. Completed application materials must be submitted by the end of February each year. The application and scholarship program details are provided here between November 1 and the end of February each year.


The Zeta Beta Tau Foundation Scholarship Committee will consider offering graduate student scholarships if and when it has provided scholarship aid to every undergraduate meeting the minimum total score required to win. Graduate students are not eligible for merit scholarships. Graduate students must be enrolled in an accredited program to be eligible to apply for a need scholarship.


Senior class members contemplating graduation will not be eligible to apply for a need scholarship unless they indicate their intention of going on to graduate school. Should they be winners, they will be required to produce evidence of matriculation in to graduate school prior to receiving their scholarships.

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