Past Foundation Presidents 

The president of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation generously provides his time, talent and treasure in support of the Foundation’s Mission. The president of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation serves as the presiding officer at all meetings of the Board of Directors. The president is an ex officio member of all Zeta Beta Tau Foundation committees.


Included in the list below are all presidents of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation, from the first President, Harry Steiner, Delta (Columbia University) ’18, and through our current president.

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Harry Steiner, Delta (Columbia University) 1918


Harold E. Grotta, Esq., Chi (University of Virginia) 1931


Stanley I. Fishel, Delta (Columbia University) 1934


Jack London, Alpha (City College of New York) 1938


Richard S. Simon, Phi (University of Michigan) 1943

1984 – 1992

Saul A. Fern, Pi (Boston University) 1954


Bernard S. Kaplan, Esq., Mu (University of Chicago) 1947


Harold R. Oseff, Esq., Eta (University of Michigan) 1968


Irving M. Chase, Esq., Alpha Rho (UCLA) 1974


James B. Drotman, Zeta Lambda (Stephen F. Austin) 1993


Barry M. Aarons, Gamma Tau (Arizona State University) 1971


Bruce H. Weinstein, Psi (University of Alabama) 1970


Jerry Katz, CPA, Alpha Rho (UCLA) 1976


A brotherhood of Kappa Nu, Phi Alpha, Phi Epsilon Pi, Phi Sigma Delta and Zeta Beta Tau

Zeta Beta Tau Headquarters

3905 Vincennes Rd. Suite 100

 Indianapolis, Indiana 46268

(317) 334-1898

Zeta Beta Tau Foundation is a 501c3 organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent that the law allows.