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Educational Programs

Ronald M. Mankoff Alumni Panel

The Ronald M. Mankoff Alumni Panel is a leadership program set in a talk show-style format that engages both ZBT undergraduate and alumni attendees as the panelists share career and life stories and advice. Attendees are able to interact with the panelists through a question and answer dialogue.

Former Alumni Panel panelists have included:

  • Sanford R. (Sandy) Cardin, Phi Alpha Alpha (Georgia Washington University) - President of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Philanthropic Network

  • Craig S. Chanoff, Beta Zeta Epsilon (University of Maryland – College Park) ’97, a Vice President at Blackboard, Inc

  • Steve Cooley, Gamma Nu (Cal State – Los Angeles) ’70, Former District Attorney for the County of Los Angeles

  • Joel M. Epstein, Sigma (Tulane University) ’87, Founder and CEO of Friction Factor

  • Congressman Martin Frost, Omega (University of Missouri) ’64

  • Steve Gold, Alpha Omega (University of Miami) ’00, Senior Vice President – Wealth Management at UBS

  • Douglas J. (Doug) Hertz, Sigma (Tulane University) '74 - President and Chief Executive Officer of United Distributors, Inc. and minority owner of the Atlanta Falcons.

  • Jon K. Hirschtick, Xi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) '83, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Onshape

  • Adam D. Isrow, Alpha Omicron (University of Arizona) '92, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President of

  • Mark Itkin, Alpha Rho (UCLA) ’74, Vice President of the William Morris Agency

  • Lawrence A. Klatzkin, Theta (University of Pennsylvania) '79, Managing Director with Rice, Voelker, LLC

  • Doug Maine, Alpha Beta (Temple University) ’70, Retired CFO of IBM Corporation and MCI

  • Jeffrey W. Mankoff, Esq., Sigma (Tulane University) ’84, Founder & CEO of vPromos, Inc.

  • Sam Massell, Mu (University of Georgia) ’48, Former Mayor of the City of Atlanta

  • A. Sandy Myers, Iota (University of Denver) ’67, Esq., Lawyer

  • John E. Mitchell, Gamma (Northwestern University) ’84, Executive coach and consultant

  • Howard Pizer, Alpha Kappa (University of Wisconsin) ’63, Executive Vice President of the Chicago White Sox

  • Jeff Sloan, Theta (University of Pennsylvania) ’89, President of Global Payments Inc. (NYSE: GPN)

  • Walter L. Sutton, Jr., Ph.D., Iota (University of Denver) '67, Retired Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Associate General Counsel – Legal Administration & External Relations

  • Michael S. (Mike) Wien, Alpha Eta (Colorado State University) '73, World-class Ironman competitor, consultant and professional speaker

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