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Board of Directors

Members of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation's Board of Directors serve as volunteers and at their own expense. They are elected for three-year terms, limited to a maximum of three consecutive terms. The directors actively participate in foundation committees, overseeing investment and spending strategies, as well as fundraising and donor cultivation. Board meetings occur three times a year at various locations nationwide, supplemented by conference calls as needed. Drawing on their extensive experience in business, finance, management, planning, and public relations, directors contribute to the foundation's stewardship.

The directors are dedicated to supporting Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity brothers by funding academic and leadership programs and scholarships. Their goal is to facilitate the personal development of Zeta Beta Tau brothers, preparing them to become leaders in society.




Corporate Governance Committee

Members of the Corporate Governance Committee serve as volunteers. The Board elects the Corporate Governance Committee to assist with identifying individuals qualified to become directors and to recommend director nominees to the Board of Directors. In addition, the Corporate Governance Committee assists by leading the Board in its annual review of the Board’s performance and oversees the annual review of the performance of the officers.

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