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Academic Scholarships

2024 - 2025
Application is Closed

Part of the original mission of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation is to ensure that no Zeta Beta Tau undergraduate brother must discontinue their college education due to financial hardship. For more than sixty years, the Foundation's scholarship program has evolved from a single $250 scholarship to distributions totaling over $2,000,000 in awards to Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity brothers.

Last year, scholarship awards ranged between $1,000 and $17,500. Scholarships are granted based on both financial need and merit. Some scholarships may be restricted to specific chapters, majors, states, or regions. Click here for details on these restricted scholarships.

Scholarships are exclusively awarded to initiated members of the Fraternity, with limited exceptions. Undergraduate applicants must be in good standing and active members of their respective chapters.

The application window for scholarships occurs during the same four months each year, beginning on November 1 and closing on February 28 for the following school year. During this period, applicants can access the application and program details.

Brendan J. Becker, Alpha Omicron (University of Arizona) 2020

"The Zeta Beta Tau scholarship is a very special award that not only shows my devotion to academic excellence in my fraternity but also the organization’s devotion to its members far and wide. The money from this scholarship makes the end goal of achieving a degree from my academic institution that much more attainable."

Ethan (Eytan) Penn, Delta (Columbia University) 2019

"The generosity of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation will serve as a tremendous source of financial relief for me and my family, enabling me to pursue my undergraduate work and follow my dreams. I look forward to giving back and supporting our brothers as they pursue their studies."

Max G. Pretner, Alpha Omicron (University of Arizona) 2023

"This scholarship helps my mental health immensely. Being a college kid is fun, but having to balance that with an incredible amount of bills can be very draining. This scholarship will help me focus on my schoolwork and career path."
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