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Thank You for Protecting ZBT Brothers’ Health and Safety

Thank you for answering the call to protect ZBT brothers facing unpredictable campus environments. As of this writing, 136 brothers and friends have contributed over $17,000 to the appeal.


Your generosity toward the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation’s emergency appeal for campus health and safety delivers much-needed support for ZBT brothers in these volatile times.


Divisive, and frequently antisemitic, protests rocked the final weeks of the 2023-2024 school year for the majority of our ZBT brothers. Disruption to studies and school activities aside, these encampments and demonstrations threatened the physical safety and mental health of our ZBT brothers. As rampant antisemitism flourished under the banners of supposed calls for peace, brothers became targets of hate.


In one such case, Columbia University, home to ZBT’s Delta Chapter, advised Jewish students to stay home and complete their classes remotely. This breakdown of leadership broke the school’s promise of providing students equality and protection. At other campuses, Jewish services and campus groups, such as Hillel, were met with vitriol, effectively silencing the voices of Jewish students.

We remain steadfast in our convictions and proud of our heritage. As the world’s first Jewish Fraternity, ZBT firmly believes that protection and preservation of life is the highest calling. Your generosity allows us to carry out the important work of safeguarding our brothers.


Your support infuses the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation with the ability to provide access to 24/7 mental health services for all undergraduate brothers and continue providing ZBT-specific antisemitism education. We have already taken action, assisting chapters with funds to secure their houses and mental well-being.


This work is ongoing. Brothers and friends are still invited to give to the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation’s Campus Health and Safety Fund so we can be fully prepared to meet the needs of students this fall.


Thank you for proving, once again, that ZBT truly is a Brotherhood for a Lifetime.


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