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The Zeta Beta Tau Foundation is proud to bring virtual programming to brothers and friends of ZBT. 

Upcoming Events:

April 19, 2023 | 8 p.m. E.T. | Register:

The Man with the Plan: A Conversation on Estate Planning


It is never too early or too late to plan for your future. Register for this upcoming ZBT Live event that will offer a fresh perspective on estate planning from the financial, tax, and legal angles. Panelists will share key knowledge and best practices when it comes to estate planning. Make a plan for your future and RSVP today to join this event.



Allan C. Bell Esq., Theta (University of Pennsylvania) 1981

Steve E. Gold, Alpha Omega (University of Miami) 2000

Harold R. Oseff Esq., Eta (University of Michigan) 1968

Salomon D. Serfati, Theta (University of Pennsylvania) 2020

Moderator Jay D. Stein, Alpha Omicron (University of Arizona) 1986


This program is not intended to provide tax, legal, and investing advice. You should consult your own tax, legal, accounting and investment advisors before engaging in any transaction.

Can You Dink It: A Look Into the Exciting World of Pickleball

May 16, 2023 | 8 p.m. E.T. | Register:


Antisemitism Today: A Discussion with Experts in the Field

It is never too early or too late to plan for your future. Register for this upcoming ZBT Live event that will offer a fresh perspective on estate planning from the financial, tax, and legal angles. Panelists will share key knowledge and best practices when it comes to estate planning. Make a plan for your future and RSVP today to join this event.

Experienced professionals dedicated to fighting antisemitism on both national and global fronts spoke about the magnitude of antisemitism today and its lasting effects in this timely and relevant discussion. This program was sponsored by Irving M. and Nancy Chase.

You Gotta Have Heart: A Cardiology Conversation

You Gotta Have Heart.png

Criminal Behavior: A Discussion on Security and Fraud Protection

Brothers in the cardiology field discussed living a heart smart life, trends and innovations in cardiology, and more. 

Criminal Behavior.png

Game On: Professional Sports with ZBT

Game On Graphic.png

It's game on with ZBT Live- this program featured brothers with various backgrounds in the professional sports arena, covering professional sports past, present, and future. 

Featuring a panel of renowned speakers from various backgrounds in the security and fraud detection space, this discussion covered different angles of fraud, from financial fraud to insurance fraud, panelists’ professional experience in investigating crimes, and cybersecurity.

A Salute to Our Brothers: ZBTs in the United States Military

Veterans Day ZBT Live.png

Featuring a diverse panel of ZBT brothers from various chapters around the country, this program commemorated those who have served and honor the sacrifices they have made to protect the United States, in honor of Veterans Day. 

A Trip to Wall Street: Private Equity with Brown Brothers Harriman partner, Jeffrey Meskin


ZBTs tuned in for an exclusive talk on expanding knowledge of private equity with Brother Jeffrey B. Meskin, Alpha Kappa (University of Wisconsin- Madison) 1992.

This program was not intended to provide investment advice. You should consult your own tax, legal, accounting and investment advisors before engaging in any transaction.

Hungry for BBQ: An Evening with Chef Jason Boso


Sure you can BBQ, but do you know the insider secrets? Brother and Chef Jason C. Boso, Zeta Lambda (Stephen F. Austin State University) 1996, fired up the grill and demonstrated his tricks of the trade during this rare evening on grilling.

Live Well, Be Well: A Conversation on Health and Wellness

Live Well Be Well.png

These days, it is as important as ever to prioritize one's health and well-being. Panelists from various professions in the field shared their expertise and perspectives on health, wellness, and living your best life.

This program featured Brothers Ken L.M. Jacobs, Iota (University of Denver) 1980; Isaiah S. Orlen, Alpha Omega (University of Miami) 2001; Tim A. Spitzhoff, Eta Xi (University of North Carolina, Charlotte) 2017; and moderator Jason J. Colombini, Eta Mu (California Polytechnic State University) 2014.

Shake It Up: Mixology 101

Mixology 101 graphic.png

ZBTs channeled their inner mixologist for a special ZBT Live event- live from Las Vegas! Featuring ABC Bartending School Director Almas Khemseth, attendees learned how to craft specialty bourbon and gin cocktails. 

Hitting it Out of The Park: A Conversation on MLB

Add a subheading (Instagram Post).png

ZBTs claimed the home-field advantage with this discussion on baseball. This program featured Brothers Howard C. Pizer, Alpha Kappa (University of Wisconsin) 1963; Jay D. Stein, Alpha Omicron (University of Arizona) 1986; Fred S. Zeidman, Alpha Xi (Washington University, St. Louis) 1968; and moderator Jon M. Pessah, Beta Zeta (University of Maryland, College Park) 1974.

Brother Pizer is the Senior Executive Vice President of the Chicago White Sox. Brother Stein is a partner with the Colorado Rockies. Brother Zeidman is a partner with the Washington Nationals. Brother Pessah is a sports journalist and New York Times bestselling author.

This program was made possible thanks to our sponsor Abby L. Hans, Gamma Eta (Bradley University) 1969.

From ZBT to NFL: A Conversation with Brother Zach Banner

You're invited to... (2).png

Brother Zachery (Zach) S. Banner, Alpha Delta (University of Southern California) 2017, a former offensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League (NFL) shared stories and insight into his ZBT his experiences of brotherhood through and his football career, as well as how he is working to build better futures and stronger communities through his B3 Foundation.

Brother Banner has been outspoken in condemning antisemitism and standing in solidarity with the Jewish community. In fact, he was the recipient of the Richard J.H. Gottheil Award from Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity in 2021 as an individual who has advanced human understanding among all people.

Learning to Lead: A Conversation with Brother Harold Hillman

ZBT Live posts (1).png

Brother Harold Hillman, Alpha Nu (Muhlenberg College) 1977 is a psychologist, former military officer, corporate executive, leadership coach, and business owner, who has drawn on his unique perspectives to help others learn, adapt, and change in this fast-paced world.

Currently based in New Zealand, Dr. Hillman is the Managing Director of Sigmoid Curve Consulting Group and specializes in tools that help executive teams lead their organizations through major change. Since change is the only constant in business, developing the capability to lead it, rather than be led by it, is the true hallmark of successful and enduring organizations.

The Journey of a Lifetime: A Safari Adventure

ZBT Live posts (4).jpg

Brother Alan Feldstein, Alpha Rho (UCLA) 1977, the owner of Infinite Safari Adventures shares insights about his unique professional transition, stories and pictures from his safari excursions, how the philosophy of brotherhood exists in Africa and discusses how you never know when you'll find your true passion in life.

Brother Feldstein worked as an attorney for the first part of his professional life, a time during which he visited Africa several times. This led to him eventually leaving the practice of law and starting an African safari company.

You Want the Truth: Brothers in the Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps

You Want the Truth Brothers in the Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps.jpg

Get an inside look at what it's like being part of the Judge Advocate General's Corps. Brothers with different levels of involvement in the JAG Corps and from multiple military branches share insights on why they began their JAG journey, lessons learned from their experiences so far, and much more.

The panel consists of Brothers Rodney B. Glassman, Alpha Omicron (University of Arizona) 1999; Sean T. Sullivan, Eta Lambda (Emory University) 2004; Michael A. Pollack, Delta Beta (University of Connecticut) 2013 and Matthew A. McCoy, Delta Iota (University of Central Florida) 2019

Fraternities Today: A Discussion with Leaders of the Fraternity Industry

You're invited to....jpg

A special conversation with three of the key leaders of the fraternity industry. They discuss successes, challenges and trends in the industry as we start a new academic term and calendar year. Panelists for this program include Nicki Meneley, Chief Executive Officer of the Fraternity Executives Association; Judson Horras, President and Chief Executive Officer of the North American Interfraternity Conference; and Chris Graham, President of the Association of Fraternity and Sorority Advisors and the Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life at Florida State University.

On Key: A Discussion with Brothers in Music

SM 1.png

One night only! This program featured Brothers Jeffrey H. Cohen, Alpha Tau (Franklin & Marshall College) 1988, Michael D. Sachs, Alpha Rho (University of California-Los Angeles) 1983, and Hunter J. Lang, Gamma Mu (University of Memphis) 2013. Brother Cohen is an award-winning songwriter, producer, and industry executive based in Nashville and New York City, known for his work with prominent musical groups and on various movies and TV shows. Brother Sachs is the principal trumpet and cornet for the Cleveland Orchestra, the head of the trumpet department at the Cleveland Institute of Music and a faculty member for Northwestern University's Bienen School of Music. Brother Lang is an accomplished singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist entertainer who owns and performs at Georgetown Piano Bar in Washington, D.C

Passion & Persistence: A Discussion with Brothers Doing Inspiring Things!


An extraordinary panel of ZBTs share insights from unique and remarkable life experiences, while offering new perspectives for brothers of all ages on the importance of self-care, perseverance, personal passions, and so much more. This panel features Brothers Jayme R. Ringerman, Gamma Beta (California State University-Northridge) 1976, Mitchell (Mickey) J. Fivenson, Alpha Gamma – Phi Epsilon Pi (University of Michigan) 1964 and Kyle M. Gersman, Nu (The Ohio State University) 2018. Brother Ringerman has hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Whitney and Mt. Aconcagua and has lived and worked on all 7 continents. Brother has completed over 60 marathons and is the world record holder for the three-person marathon team with his sons. Brother Gersman completed a six-month solo hike of the entire Pacific Crest Trail in 2020.

Uncorked: A Wine Experience with Canard Vineyard

Uncorked A Wine Experience with Canard Vineyard.png

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Brother Adam P. Fox, Mu (Boston University) 1989, serves as the Managing Director of Canard Vineyard. He shares his background and journey through the wine industry and educates participants on how to talk about wine.

Dicussing Israel with Israel Maimon

 A special program with Israel Maimon, the President and CEO of Israel Bonds, moderated by Brother Barak A. Raz, Eta Epsilon (Binghamton University) 2005. Mr. Maimon discussed his professional journey, Israel, leadership and more. His distinguished career includes time in the Israel Defense Forces, a cabinet member for multiple Israeli administrations, and now in his role with Israel Bonds.

The Weight of Gold: A Conversation with Brett Rapkin


Enjoy a conversation with Brother Brett D. Rapkin, Alpha Omicron (University of Arizona) 2000, as he discusses his work in the entertainment industry. Brother Rapkin is the writer, director and executive producer of the documentary "The Weight of Gold" which examines the mental health challenges Olympic athletes often face.

The Doctors Are In: A Discussion with Brothers in Healthcare, Education & Leadership

Doctors Are In.png

Brothers with decades of experience in the field of medicine. Dr. Jeffrey S. Flier, Dr. Richard D. Ferkel and Dr. Jeffrey A. Ross shared insights on their time practicing medicine, teaching the next generation of doctors, the changes they've seen in the field, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how that may shape medical practice in the future.

Covert Intelligence: A Discussion with Brothers in National Security

Covert Intelligence A Discussion with Br

Watch for inside look at the various ways brothers are involved in the Intelligence and National Security community. The program will feature brothers Erik B. Rosenblatt, Gamma Xi (University of California-Santa Barbara) 1995, Brent Giannotta, Alpha Delta (University of Southern California) 2004 and Matthew J. Jacobs, Alpha Rho, (UCLA) 2006.

Brother Rosenblatt is the deputy special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) at the New York field office, responsible for the criminal investigations of illicit transnational organizations. Brother Giannotta previously served as a counterterrorism analyst for the CIA and is now a journalist with the Los Angeles Times. Brother Jacobs is a former federal prosecutor who specialized in terrorism cases.

Memorial Day: Brothers in the United States Military

Memorial Fay FB Cover (1).png

A program to honor ZBT brothers who currently or previously served in the United States Military and memorialize those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to the nation. The program includes Major General David R. Bockel, Psi (University of Alabama) 1966, who served in the United States Army and Army Reserve for 36 years, Colonel Marc L. Packler, Psi (University of Alabama) 1996, a Commander at the Air Force Network Integration Center, First Class Petty Officer Mario A. Romero, Delta (Columbia University) 2018, who served in the United States Navy, and Rabbi Matthew H. Simon, CAPT, CHC, USN (Ret.), Alpha Beta (University of Chicago) 1953, who served as a chaplain in the United States Navy and is a past International President of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity.

Around the Corner to Around the World:
A Conversation with Robert Rosenberg


Former Dunkin' Donuts Chief Executive Officer Brother Robert M. Rosenberg, Kappa (Cornell University) 1959 discusses his professional journey and lessons learned while leading Dunkin' for 35 years.

You can obtain a copy of Brother Rosenberg's new book about these lessons here.

ZBTalk with Brother Louie Kemp


Brother Louie Kemp, Alpha Iota of Phi Epsilon Pi (University of Minnesota) 1967 has been one of Bob Dylan’s closest friends since they attended summer camp in Wisconsin and later went on to produce Bob Dylan’s legendary Rolling Thunder Revue. Hear his stories on the latest ZBTalk episode. 

ZBTalk is a podcast series produced by the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation that highlights some of the many amazing stories about the brothers of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity.

Never Forget...Never Again: A program on the Holocaust


The panel includes former United States Ambassador to the European Union Brother Stuart E. Eizenstat, Alpha Pi (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) 1964, Brother Fred Zeidman, Alpha Xi (Washington University-St. Louis) 1968, Chairman Emeritus of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council, Dr. Kori Street, Senior Director of Programs and Operations at the USC Shoah Foundation with moderator by Brother Frederic L. Bloch, Senior Vice President of Growth for the Anti-Defamation League. 

This program is sponsored in part by:

Irving M., Alpha Rho (UCLA) 1974 and Nancy Chase

In memory of Sol and Fay Chase, Holocaust Survivors


Jon K. Hirschtick, Xi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 1983

In memory of Leonard Hirschtick who perished at Auschwitz

To New Heights: Brothers in the Space Industry

Space (3).jpg

This program features space entrepreneur and author Brother Robert C. Jacobson, Alpha Delta (University of Southern California) 1997; Deputy Director of NASA's Multi-Mission Operations Center Brother Zachary Burkland, Iota (University of Denver) 2008; and Apollo Fusion Vice President of Engineering Brother Jorge J. Delgado, Alpha Psi (Pennsylvania State University) 2004.

The Partisan Divide: Congress in Crisis

Partisan Divide (2).jpg

Former Congressman Brother Martin Frost, Omega (University of Missouri) 1964 who represented the Dallas-Fort Worth area for 26 years and served two terms as the Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Former Congressman Tom Davis who served seven terms in the U.S. House of Representatives and two terms as the Chairman of the House Republican Campaign Committee discuss partisanship and navigating the current environment. 

Straight from the Vine: An Evening with Schweiger Vineyards

SM 2.jpg

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Brother Andrew Schweiger is the principal winemaker at Schweiger Vineyards in California. In addition to discussing the industry, he will guide us through a special tasting of Schweiger Vineyards wines.

A Growing Industry: An Inside Look at the Business of Cannabis


Brother Mitchell P. Kahn, Alpha Kappa (University of Wisconsin-Madison) 1982, CEO and Co-Founder of Grassroots Cannabis, and Brother Jordan M. Fishfeld, Alpha Zeta (University of Florida) 2006, Executive Vice President of Hemp Africa discussed the history, growth and future of the cannabis industry, both in the United States and abroad.

ZBTalk with Honorable Louis B. Susman


Honorable Louis B. Susman, Phi (University of Michigan) 1959 is a former US Ambassador to the Court of St. James (United Kingdom) and former Vice Chairman of Citigroup Corporate.

ZBTalk is a podcast series produced by the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation that highlights some of the many amazing stories about the brothers of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity.

Havana Smoke: A Night with Cuban Cigar Experts

cigar social media (1).jpg

Brother Scott Berenthal, Sigma (Tulane University) 1992 and his father Saul Berenthal, a native Cuban born and raised in Havana, will be discussing the history of the cigar industry in Cuba and assisting with a live demonstration of cigar rolling in Havana.

Aged to Perfection: A Night with Bourbon Experts

Aged to Perfection (2).jpg

Brother Max Shapira, Alpha Epsilon (Washington and Lee University) 1965, president of Heaven Hill Distillery and Bernie Lubbers, the Whiskey Ambassador for Heaven Hill Distillery, discuss the history and business of bourbon and American whiskey.

Inspired to Serve: Two Ambassadors & a Businessman

Inspired 2 Serve (4).jpg

Brothers Stuart E. Eizenstat, Alpha Pi (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) 1964, Stuart A. Bernstein, Beta Beta (American University) 1962, and Marc B. Nathanson, Iota (University of Denver) 1967 have spent decades serving their communities and their country.

Business of Show Business

Copy of Business of Show Business 1.png

Award-winning producers and directors Marty Callner, Alpha Iota (University of Kentucky) 1968 and David Steinberg, Alpha Kappa (University of Wisconsin) 1967 share stories and advice from their 40+ years of experience in the entertainment industry with moderator and accomplished actor Bradley Steven Perry, Alpha Delta (University of Southern California) 2021.


Some Heroes Wear Capes and Some Wear ZBT Letters


The powerful story of brothers living the ZBT ritual by developing a strong friendship with an 8-year-old boy fighting cancer.

ZBTalk with Kyle Berkshire

Kyle Berkshire 1.png

Kyle Berkshire, Delta Iota (University of Central Florida) 2020 a World Long Drive competitor, currently ranked No. 1 in the world having won the Volvik World Long Drive Championship.

ZBTalk is a podcast series produced by the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation that highlights some of the many amazing stories about the brothers of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity.

So, who said there is no baseball?

Epstein video.png

Enjoy a panel of ZBT brothers sharing their experiences with professional baseball. Each brother is involved with the game in a different capacity with amazing stories to share. 


Moderated by: 

 Jay D. Stein, Alpha Omicron (University of Arizona) 1986, President of Sand Capital & Sandor Development and part-owner of the Colorado Rockies, Commercial Real Estate Developer 

Panelists include:
Michael P. Epstein, Alpha Eta (University of California-Berkeley) 1965

Retired Major League Baseball Player, Olympic Gold Medalist & World Series Champion

Howard C. Pizer, Alpha Kappa (University of Wisconsin) 1963

Senior Executive Vice President Chicago White Sox

Bryce W. Starner, Alpha Psi (Pennsylvania State University) 2019

Baseball Operations Fellow Baltimore Orioles.

ZBTalk with Larry Flax

Larry Flax (1).png

Larry S. Flax, Alpha Mu (University of Washington) 1964, is co-founder of California Pizza Kitchen. He served as co-chief executive officer from 2003 to 2011 (a position he also held from 1985 to 1996) and as co-chairman of the board since the company’s formation in October 1985 to 2011.

ZBTalk is a podcast series produced by the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation that highlights some of the many amazing stories about the brothers of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity.

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