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Davidson Ethics & Risk Management Program

The Harold and Nadine Davidson Ethics & Risk Management Program is a leadership program facilitated in a lecture style where a content area expert presents subject matter relevant on college campuses today. This program focuses on creating safe and healthy environments and advancing leadership opportunities.


Former Davidson Speakers have included:


  • Pery D. Krinsky, Esq., Beta Zeta Epsilon (Maryland) ’97, attorney

  • Rick Barnes, CAMPUSPEAK

  • Sean G. Kaufman, Beta Lambda (SDSU) ’95, public health and safety expert

  • Kim Novak, founder and Chief Executive Officer of NovakTalks

  • Dave Westol, former Chief Executive Officer of Theta Chi

  • Dr. Lori Hart, student advocate and Greek life activist

Harold A. Davidson, Ph.D., Alpha Delta, (University of Southern California) ’65 is a Past International President of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity and Executive Trustee of the Alpha Delta Chapter. Brother Davidson also serves on the Fraternity's Corporate Governance Committee. He is an investment counselor in Los Angeles, California.


The generosity of Harold and Nadine Davidson help make The Harold and Nadine Davidson Ethics & Risk Management Program a permanent fixture at the International Leadership School.

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