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Leadership School

Leadership School is one of the premier programs in Zeta Beta Tau. Held annually, it is a time for brothers from around the world to come together to share in the truest sense of brotherhood while learning skills that will benefit them far beyond their college years. The programming of this critical part of International Convention focuses on the development of undergraduate brothers.

  • Opportunity to experience the largest annual gathering of undergraduate and alumni brothers.

  • Gain a better understanding of the greater ZBT brotherhood outside of your own chapter/colony.

  • Participate in educational programming including hands-on workshops and seminars for both undergraduate and alumni brothers.

“I invested in International Leadership School and got a great return. I never realized how great of an impact this Fraternity would have on my life, and I hope to inspire all brothers to maintain and channel their passion for ZBT into great things at UConn and in our community.”

Aamir J. Addona, Delta Beta (University of Connecticut) ’15

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