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Many students begin making their first truly independent conclusions about complex issues involving justice, equality, and diversity on college campuses. These formative decisions shape students’ views on what hate is and how it affects the world around them. As such, the leadership of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation is taking the lead in combatting growing hate that threatens not only ZBT brothers but all college students through a new initiative: INtolerance.

What is INtolerance?

INtolerance is a traveling educational exhibition designed to build empathy using participatory methods. With interactivity built into its core, INtolerance is much more immersive than a passive, museum gallery walk-through ever could be. INtolerance will be facilitated by a hand-selected team of experienced educators who will make a lasting positive impact on attendees’ tolerance of the intrinsic differences among us.

While touring colleges nationwide, INtolerance will be prominent and accessible to all students on campus by setting up in main common areas such as outdoor quads or indoor student centers.


The INtolerance steering committee, a collection of educational, societal, and curatorial experts, is working with leaders in the Educational Technology field to design a multi-sensory, experiential journey that engages college students, faculty, and local communities in dynamic, evolving conversations about the nature of tolerance.

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To undertake and sustain INtolerance, the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation seeks to:

Collaborate with:

  • Continuum of Learning Partners: Existing and respected organizations that are addressing these challenges in other student populations—such as middle schools and high schools

  • Impact Partners: Extracurricular groups already on college campuses that are aligned with the vision of INtolerance and can assist in ensuring maximum impact

Partner with:

  • Individual donors: ZBT alumni and others who recognize how important it is for students to become more tolerant of our differences and invest in our success

  • Foundation donors: Public and private foundations that are aligned with the vision of INtolerance and provide financial support

  • Corporate donors: Corporations that are aligned with the vision of INtolerance and provide financial support

  • In-kind donors: Individuals, foundations, and corporations aligned with the vision of INtolerance and supply material donations to help offset expenses

Steering Committe

Barry M. Aarons, Owner, The Aarons Company, LLC – Public Policy Consulting Firm


Beth Asher,  Chief Operating Officer, Zeta Beta Tau Foundation

Matthew E. Berger, Executive Director, Foundation to Combat Antisemitism

Akiba J. Covitz, Ph.D., Executive Director, INtolerance, Zeta Beta Tau Foundation

Steven D. Feldman, Partner and Co-Chair, White-Collar Defense, Internal Investigations & Corporate Compliance, Stradley Ronon

David Frey, Ph.D., Director, Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, U.S. Military Academy at West Point

Harold Hillman, Ph.D., Managing Director for Sigmoid Curve Consulting, Renowned globally for work in change leadership and building high-performance cultures

Suzanne Gibbs Howard, Founder, Former Dean & Managing Director, IDEO

Bret W. Hrbek, President, Zeta Beta Tau Foundation; Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Sean C.D. Colbert-Lewis, Sr., Ph.D., Associate Professor History/Social Studies Education: Director of Teacher Education DEI Trainer/Consultation, North Carolina Central University

Faron A. Lewitt, Past Chief Executive Officer, Zeta Beta Tau Foundation

Tina Malka, Director of Antisemitism Education and Associate Director, Israel Action Program, Hillel International

Matthew J. Rubins, General Partner, LearnLaunch Fund + Accelerator; Managing Director-Law, Abilitie; Adjunct Professor, Northeastern University

Linda Simon, Former Board Chair, JCC of Greater Pittsburgh

Gabrielle Leon Spatt, Vice President of Philanthropy, Hirsch Legacy Fund; Thought Partner, Author, Film Producer

John D. Stemen, Esq., Chief Executive Officer, Zeta Beta Tau Foundation

Stephen J. Trachtenberg, President Emeritus, George Washington University, Retired Professor of Public Service, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration

Thought leaders consulted to date include

Dr. Daniel A. Bureau, Assistant Vice President for Student Health and Wellbeing, Louisiana State University

Marquette Folley, Content Director, Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibitions Service (SITES)

Eric M. Robbins, President & CEO, Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta

Kenneth S. Stern, Director, Bard Center for the Study of Hate

Lance Wheeler, Director of Exhibitions, National Center for Civil & Human Rights

Fred Zeidman, Chairman Emeritus, United States Holocaust Council

We seek talented and passionate people to build from the following Request for Proposal of INtolerance's current needs.

Please join us by requesting more information today!

About the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity

Mindful of its founding in 1898 as the world’s first Jewish Fraternity, the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity preserves and cultivates its relationships within the Jewish community. ZBT is committed to its policy of non-sectarian brotherhood and values the diversity of its male-identifying brothers. Acutely aware of the rise in antisemitism, bigotry, and hate in the United States and worldwide, ZBT’s arc of emphasizing the importance of acceptance, inclusion, and justice serves as a guide for colleges to follow.

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