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The City of Light Trust

The City of Light Trust recognizes and honors those who have made deferred gifts, whether revocable or irrevocable, to the Foundation, including, but not limited to, trusts, bequests, gifts of life insurance, and annuities. Membership is open to all ZBT alumni, parents, staff, and friends.


To inform us of your membership in the City of Light Trust, please contact the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation at 317-334-1898. Members of the City of Light Trusts will receive our Donor Newsletter, perpetual recognition and invitations to national receptions.

City of Light Trust Membership

Barry M. Aarons (Arizona State University) ’71
Adam M. Berman (University of Florida '00)
Stanley M. Bliss (Ohio State University ’61)
Norman K. Bohrer, M.D., FACP (University of Michigan ’54)
Jacob Burns III (George Washington University ’24) *
Irving M. Chase, Esq. (Univ. of California - Los Angeles ’74)
Fred Diamond (University of Florida ’52)
James B. Drotman (Stephen F. Austin ’93)
David M. Dworkin (Syracuse University ’91)
Paul S. Dukat (Fairleigh Dickinson University-Metropolitan ’75)
Seth D. Feldman (York College of Pennsylvania’91)
Stanley I. Fishel (Columbia University ’34) *
Elliott D. Fredland (Washington & Jefferson College ’60)
Percy G. Gellert (University of Alabama ’21) *
Joseph Glaser (University of Virginia ’33) *
Charles Goldring (Univ. of California - Los Angeles ’28) *
Daniel M. Goodman, (University of Denver) ’07
Ben Gross (Case Western Reserve University ’22) *
Edward Gutman (Columbia University ’39) *
Bret W. Hrbek (Virginia Tech ’96)
Jerry N. Katz, CPA (UCLA) '76
Dr. Harry H. Klein (Uiversity of Miami ’48)*
Faron A. Lewitt (University of Alabama ’97)
Jack London (City College of New York ’38) *
Leonard S. Malmud (University of Pennsylvania ’45) *
Jack Marks (Washington & Lee University ’32) *
Meyer J. Persow (University of Denver ’80) 
Earl M. Robins (Ohio State University ’28) *
Devon M. Schad (University of Colorado ’04)
Byron K. Schader (Washington University - St. Louis ’50) *
Barry D. Siegel (Bowling Green State University ’52) *
Morris H. Siegel (University of Denver ’74)
Scott E. Silberfein, Esq. (University of Delaware ’94)
Robert B. Silverman (University of South Florida ’71)
Kenneth L. Simon (University of Pittsburgh ’75)
Richard S. Simon (University of Michigan ’43)
Edwin N. Sommer (University of Nebraska ’34) *
Philip M. Waxberg (CCNY ’66)
Wilhelm Weinberg (Other) *
Bruce H. Weinstein (University of Alabama ’70)
Arthur S. Weinstock (Columbia University ’41) *
Joel T. Wyatt (Stephen F. Austin State University ’93)
Michael F. Zarb (York College of Pennsylvania ’92)
Allen Ziegler (University of Southern California ’35) *
* denotes brother has entered Chapter Eternal

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